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Moisturizing Body Butter Made with Natural Oils.

Create beautiful skin with lots of love.
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Barak Obama Body Butter

Stress Relief Body Polish

This body polish is beautifully and deliciously good for your skin, nourishing and exfoliating to instantly soften, smooth and revitalize.
Blessed Butter Pink Sugar Featured


Enjoy “B Virtue” the ultimate hair serum that promotes hair growth, improves thickness, helps with dandruff and adds beautiful luster.

Barak Obama Body Butter

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama!!!! Smells great and makes a nice gift. I’m offering 50% off. Limited stock on this Limited Edition butter. Michelle Obama butter also available in the store with limited stock.

Michelle Obama Body Butter


This soft, gracious and sweet scent provides a fresh, crisp mix of orange blossom and citrus notes. It’s so invigorating and classy like the one and only first lady “Michelle Obama”.

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Honey Coco Mango

Moisture Plus

Stress Relief

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Blessed Butter in Jamaica!

Blessed Butter in Jamaica!

Wow!!! Blessed Butter is on the move!!!! She’s enlarging her territory and making her way around the world…. Now she’s left her mark in Jamaica! Ain’t no stopping her now! New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, New York, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico,...

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Lemongrass And The Great Benefits

Lemongrass And The Great Benefits

Lemongrass is a tropical perennial plant which yields aromatic oil derived from the typical lemon-like odor of the essential oil present in the shoot. Lemongrass is native to tropical countries such as India, China, and Thailand where it has traditionally been used as...

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Women and Skincare

Women and Skincare

Hello Women, It's Our Month!!! I Celebrate YOU, as You Should Celebrate Yourselves, Every Day! Allow me just a few minutes to tell you how awesome you are! You're strong, intelligent, flexible, faithful, diligent, God fearing, loving, caring, and most of all...

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“ I had scars on my hand and they have almost disappeared. I have a patch of eczema on my arm and it's clearing up. I wish I had taken before pictures! I will be ordering again real soon! ”


“I absolutely love my new Frank & Myrrh, and Barack Obama scents and everyone loves the smell of the new body butter Cashmere Mist”


I have never experienced disappointment, as the composition of the natural ingredients are pure and collaborated in a harmonious way to serving the purpose for the skin, scalp and entire body with the scrubs also available.

Bernard Stevens

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