Blessed Butter by Bevelyn

Moisturizing Body Butter Made with Natural Oils.

Create beautiful skin with lots of love.
Only the best for your skin!

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Party Favors

Party Favors

Give your guest something meaningful! Blessed Butter by Bevelyn is here for parties, weddings, family reunions and/or personal needs!

Blessed Butter Pink Sugar Featured

Pink Suga

Sugary sweet notes of cotton candy, strawberry, raspberry, and orange which fades to reveal sensual mild notes of lily of the valley and fig leaves.

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Happy Holidays Blessed Butter Family!

Happy Holidays Blessed Butter Family!

Happy Holidays! I trust that you had a great holiday. Wishing you the best of Health, Happiness and Prosperity in 2022! I can’t thank you enough for your continued support. To show my appreciation, I'm offering 10% off on website orders this week. Use promo code...

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“ One of my customers came over to purchase some Blessed Butter. She doesn't live locally so when she comes, she purchases enough to last for a couple months. She purchased product for her mom, daughter and significant other. She shared a story that blessed my heart! She explained how her significant other loves "Blessed Butter" and at this point it didn't matter what scent he uses. He realizes that it's the wonderful ingredients in the product, not just the great smell. Evidently "Just for Men" has an class action lawsuit that he's apart of. He used "Just for Men" and it burned his face. "Blessed Butter" has healed his burn and his skin is almost back to normal. What a praise report! This is PRICELESS!!! If you remember back last summer I shared a praise report regarding a young lady from Utah . She reached out to me and shared a similar testimony where "Blessed Butter" healed her burn. I'm so thankful to God that he worked through me to create a product that's helping & healing! I always said that "Blessed Butter" sells itself!”


“ I had scars on my hand and they have almost disappeared. I have a patch of eczema on my arm and it's clearing up. I wish I had taken before pictures! I will be ordering again real soon! ”


“Blessed Butter by Beverlyn is a new, and well waited for product of superior ingredients. I use it daily. It's on my night stand, in my bathroom, and in my handbag! It's what I reach for to moisturize my skin all over! I consistently get compliments for smelling good, or questions of what are you wearing? Even inklings of is that BBB??? My only problem with BBB is what fragrance do I choose? Everything smells so good. This product truly carries its name "Blessed Butter". I thank God for your company and the integrity of your product. I'M BLESSED BY IT!! If you haven't tried it...what are you waiting for? You won't regret your purchase. Money well spent!


“I have to use organic sunscreen (per a dermatologist) because I'm allergic to regular sunscreen but once in awhile I do get small bumps usually in a couple days. When I got home I had bumps in the creases of my arms , I showed Derek (My husband) so I took a shower and bathed with black soap by Blessed Butter ...Washed my hair got out and the BUMPS were gone I ran into the bedroom and my husband was like WOW!
The Blessings of Blessed Butter, its real!!!!!!
God bless you changing lives!”


I have used this product from the testing stage and cannot go a day without it now. I am stopped by people asking me what I am wearing. My favorite is the Gardenia, but also enjoy Stress Relief.


“I absolutely love my new Frank & Myrrh, and Barack Obama scents and everyone loves the smell of the new body butter Cashmere Mist”


“I agree absolutely ! I use it constantly!”


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