Blessed Butter by Bevelyn came as a result of me experimenting with different products to come up with a good hand cream. From a young age I’ve always felt the importance of taking care of my skin and enjoyed great fragrances. Over the years I’ve purchased all types of creams, lotions, sprays and perfumes not knowing what the ingredients were and if the products used were healthy for my skin. These products were costly and a $100 bottle of perfume was a treat.

I have been a vegetarian for 20 years. It has helped in many ways; however being a vegetarian sometimes your body decides on what it wants to eliminate from your diet as you become greener. When you eat green, you start to live green overall. I still have far to go but one day at a time. Most of us read the ingredients when purchasing product(s) including foods, some ingredients we identify with and some we don’t. How often do we Google the information, on the spot, to totally understand what we are putting in and on our bodies? We must look for ways to pamper our skin and overall bodies; internally and externally.

“My husband would swear by it and started using the product daily.”

Back in February 2016, in the midst of winter, nothing that I used seemed to moisturize my hands. As we grow older things change and we must pay attention to those changes. I started mixing butters together and came up with great combinations. Being new at this, my batches were large so I had the opportunity to test the product on family and friends. I began to have fun with it and started researching different essential oils to learn what ingredients mixed well with others.

I continued to share my new hobby with friends and they continued to share with their family and friends. My husband would swear by it and started using the product daily. My children jumped on board and started using the products too.

My girlfriends would say,

“This is really good stuff you’ve got here.”

I thought they were just trying to make me feel good, but in reality: the business started to drive itself by demand!

I received my first organization order on April 8, 2016 from my church the “Women’s Fellowship Ministry”. They asked if I would make baskets for the facilitators at a Women’s Retreat. I was so excited and wanted to give it my best! The retreat was a blessing overall and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity Shiloh Women’s Fellowship Team gave me. I pray that the facilitators enjoy Blessed Butter by Bevelyn!

I stand by this product because of the love I put in it and I promise to always give you my best.

This is my story and may “Blessed Butter by Bevelyn” be a blessing to your skin!


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