Blessed Butter by Bevelyn

Moisturizing Body Butter Made with Natural Oils.

Create beautiful skin with lots of love.
Only the best for your skin!

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Barak Obama Body Butter

Unspoken Body BUtter

Unspoken Body Butter is infused with organic high-quality ingredients.  It hydrates and nourishes your skin. Great for fragrance allergies.

Barak Obama Body Butter

Stress Relief Body Polish

This body polish is beautifully and deliciously good for your skin, nourishing and exfoliating to instantly soften, smooth and revitalize.

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Honey Coco Mango

Moisture Plus

Stress Relief

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Protect Your Skin and Save on Water

Protect Your Skin and Save on Water

Taking a long shower can be so inviting, with its refreshing and energizing embrace. Personally, I see it as a way to kickstart my day, much like that first cup of tea. The shower doesn't just clean my body; it also provides a space to clear my thoughts and get those...

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Unspoken vs Vaseline

Unspoken vs Vaseline

Vaseline has been used in many households for many, many years… “Unspoken” has replaced Vaseline 20 times over! Vaseline provides hydration, and protects against the elements. Vaseline also leaves you greasy. That’s pretty much it…. “Unspoken” moves beyond hydration...

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Blessed Butter in Jamaica!

Blessed Butter in Jamaica!

Wow!!! Blessed Butter is on the move!!!! She’s enlarging her territory and making her way around the world…. Now she’s left her mark in Jamaica! Ain’t no stopping her now! New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, New York, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico,...

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“This is the best body butter I have tried! I absolutely love it and most importantly my skin loves it! All natural! If you haven’t purchased yet, you don’t know what you are missing.”


I received my “STRESS RELIEF GLOW, BODY BUTTER” I am super impressed after using this product. My skin was silky and smooth and the aroma it gave me while bathing was amazing. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much 💕”


I have never experienced disappointment, as the composition of the natural ingredients are pure and collaborated in a harmonious way to serving the purpose for the skin, scalp and entire body with the scrubs also available.

Bernard Stevens

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