The Blessed Butter Difference

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Blog

Don’t forget to hydrate your skin in this cold weather!

Reminder: Blessed Butter by Bevelyn Peterson body butters include all natural and organic ingredients that protect, hydrate, and leave your skin smooth, and allows for a natural glow.

The Difference Between Lotion and Blessed Butter:

  • Lotions: water base (must be careful because where there’s water, there can be mold). You can’t alway trust the expiration date. Also, most lotions hydrate for just a short time depending on your skin, not all day.
  • Blessed Butters: Shea Butter base, no mold possible. All natural & organic ingredients. All day hydration. Most importantly made with love💜 by yours truly…


Blessed Butter by Bevelyn LLC
Bevelyn Peterson Founder and CEO

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